Looking for a great snack during the football season and of course the playoffs? Try some of these weird and bizarre ideas.

Guinness Chicken Wings

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Now we all enjoy drinking beer and eating wings, but what about combining the two together? You can with this recipe from Yummly.com:


- 1 kg chicken wings (trim off tip and cut through each wing at the joint)

- 10 shallots (peeled and pounded to a fine paste in a pestle and mortar)

- 2 tbsps black peppercorns (finely crushed)

- 4 tbsps soya sauce (dark, sweet variety)

- 1 tbsp soya sauce (light)

- 4 tsps sugar

- 320 ml stout (guinness)"

Sounds pretty good right? The taste of Guinness and wings..... interesting.


Shrimp Flavored Chips

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Why bother even putting out a bowl of shrimp and chips when you can combine the two together? If you didn't puke with that idea, you can buy these gems from Amazon for a smooth $4.91, and it even has free shipping.


Pickle Pops

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You may have some little kids at your parties, you'll need some kid snack ideas. How about pickle freeze pops?

Bob's Pickle Pops are a vegetable squeezed frozen juice ice pop treat that has NO added sugar and less than 5 calories."

Look at that, there even healthly! You can order these from Amazon for $9.85.


Bacon Maple Lollipops

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Bacon is about as American as it can get.

Made with 100% Real Bacon! 100% All Natural, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives. Only 30 Calories Each.

Only 30 calories for the taste of bacon? Why not! Currently they are out of stock at Amazon.


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