A 9 hour time difference shouldn't stop you from enjoying the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. There are some great places right here in Central New York for you to watch the winter games.

Here Are The Top 5

5. Swifty's Restaurant and Pub: With plenty of TVs, great dining options, and Ice Cold beer Swifty's is the place to be.

4. Tom Cavallo's Restaurant: Cavallo's has been a hometown favorite for a long time. Whether you're on the deck or in the main bar, there is always an easy view of a TV and a smiling, happy, and familiar face ready to help you with all your dining needs.

3. Your Own Home: If you're not one for going out to a restaurant or bar, you can always watch at home. WKTV and NBC have great Olympic coverage to offer and CKWS if you get it. That's on Time Warner Cable channel 02. 

2. Your Workplace:  I personally enjoyed very much watching the games here at work because my co-workers and I all had a blast taking a break from work to watch Erin Hamlin win that historic bronze medal.

Here is video of us watching the run in The Big Frog Studio (Video Courtesy of Polly Wogg):

1. The 1888 Tavern at The F.X. Matt Brewery: Speaking of Erin Hamlin, the number one spot to watch the Olympics in Central New York is The 1888 Tavern at the brewery. That's where the family and friends of Erin Hamlin were to see her win her medal.

No matter where you're watching the games I hope you enjoy them and Go Team USA!

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