Back to school time is almost here. It gets you reflecting on your favorite school lunches. Here’s 5 classic back to school lunches that our Intern Josh wants you to get all hungry for once again.


Schools usually serve pizza to students of all ages. Pizza is a food that usually most people enjoy because of how delicious it is. At my school, now they serve pizza every day. Usually it’s pizza every Friday but now there’s a second option every day. Pizza can come in Cheese, Pepperoni, my favorite Garlic, and etc.


Chicken Patty

Chicken is an item that is delicious that is served at least once a week whether it is a chicken patty, chicken fingers, and etc. A chicken patty is like a burger, but it is a chicken burger instead. I enjoy having chicken patties at my school. They are usually good and it’ll fill up your stomach for the day after finishing one.



Tacos are an item that is usually served once every week or once every two weeks. There is usually a saying called “Taco Tuesday” or “Taco Thursday”. Tacos are delicious, it contains meat and you can put all kinds on toppings on them to make them taste even better for you.

Chicken Tenders/Fingers

Chicken fingers and Chicken Tenders are a form of chicken that is good to eat. Tenders and Fingers are either served at least once a week. I find these two foods good to eat, it is a good main lunch to have because I never seen anyone who doesn’t like Chicken. These are very good to dip in sauce too.



A Hamburger and cheeseburger are burgers filled with me that are between two buns that you eat. These two burgers are very enjoyable to eat and these two are served in my school usually once every two weeks. This lunch will keep your belly full for the day.


***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and we wish him the best of luck.***