'Hoppy'  birthday Blake Shelton. He turns 36 today and has a lot to celebrate.  He's hot on the country music charts.  He's hot on the road and he's hot on TV, helping judge 'The Voice.'  Plus he's married to Miranda Lambert.

Blake has come along way since he first appeared on the country music scene in 2001.  He's had 6 straight #1 songs in the past 3 years and is one of hottest acts today, winning Male Vocalist of the year trophies at the CMA's and ACM's.

Blake's first song was suppose to be 'I Wanna Talk About Me' but his label didn't think it was suitable for a lead off single.  Toby Keith later recorded the song, and the rest as they say, is history.  But Blake has had several hits himself.  Here's my Top 10.


'Austin' was Blake's first single in 2001.  It eventually went to #1 on the charts.  Not bad for a newcomer.


'Home' was actually a Michael Buble song, Blake redid. It also went to #1.  Not only was it beautifully sung with a bit of country twang to it, it was the first time we heard Miranda Lambert on a Blake song.  If you watch the video close enough, you'll also see a quick shot of her at the end.

Some Beach

'Some Beach' is such a creatively funny song that almost everyone can relate to.  It also went to #1 on the charts in 2004.  Plus the video is hysterical.

Ol' Red

'Ol' Red' may have only hit #14 on the charts, but the song is a fan favorite.  I don't know if its the song or the creative video that tells the story.

Hillbillly Bone

Blake called on buddy Trace Adkins to help him with 'Hillbilly Bone.'  The song was catchy, fun and went to #1 again for Blake.  The video is priceless.  When Trace pulls out his bottle of moonshine in the fancy restaurant, rather than drinking the wine is classic!

The More I Drink

One of the best things about Blake Shelton, is he stars in all his videos.  Its not just concert coverage.  He tries to tell the story behind the song in each video.  'The More I Drink' only went to #19 on the charts in 2007 but it's so Blake, I just love it.

All About Tonight

'All About Tonight' is on my mp3 player.  I was hooked from the first few lines in the song about his feel good pills and red Gatorade.

Honey Bee

The only thing missing with 'Honey Bee' is Miranda Lambert in the video.  She should have been the one selling the honey at the side of the road.


This may not have been a hit on the radio but I prefer Blake's version of 'Footloose' to Kenny Loggins, who originally sang it.  The video is great too.  I can't resist tapping my foot or singing along every time I hear it.

She Wouldn't Be Gone

Blake is known for his comical side.  He's had so many funny songs, but few sentimental, emotional songs, which is why 'She Wouldn't Be Gone' touched me so much.  And again, he stars in the video.

What's your favorite Blake Shelton song?