Gloriana has opened for Taylor Swift and even traveled overseas, but local boys Mike & Tom Gossin, 2 of the three members of the band, have never played in their hometown.  That is until November 26th, when they'll return to their roots to play at Turning Stone.

I had a chance to talk with Tom about their music, fans and family.  Tom says his 'mom is the most stoked' about them coming home.  They have a show in Watertown November 21st and they plan on staying for the whole week for Thanksgiving.  Plus it's Mike's birthday the day they perform at Turning Stone, so it'll be a week of celebrating for the Gossin family.

Family Time
Tom says they get to see mom 'once every couple months.'  They've been on the road touring  for the last four years so, 'anytime they get close to home, she comes out to see the show.'

New music
For the past two years, the band has been doing their own shows and writing for their second album, which is finished.  The second single off the album is  'Kissed You Goodnight' which Tom co-wrote.  He teamed up with a Nashville songwriter who wrote 'Need You Now' and 'Before He Cheats.'  Tom says 'it was a real honor to write with him.'  He recalls the day they rewrote it saying, 'it kinda came really quickly, song writing kinda happens like that.  In a couple hours we were done and we really loved the song and I'm really grateful it's become a single.'  The band just finished shooting the video for the song and it should be out soon.  As for the album.  Tom says 'it was suppose to be out just before Christmas but has been pushed back until the first of the new year.'

Cheyenne leaving
Cheyenne Kimball left the band unexpectedly and Tom says 'the people that were most shocked, were the three of us.  We had no idea that was going to happen and it came at a weird time.  We had just finished the new album and we were in the middle of a tour.  It was a little tricky, but we wish her the best.' The bands future was never in doubt.  Tom says 'there was no way we can't push on.  So we went back into the studio and rerecorded the record.  Its one of those things in life when something bad happens,  you try to make the best of it and now listening to the record it kinda came out better the second time around.'  As for when the new CD is out, Tom says it was first going to out before Christmas but has been pushed back until after the first of the year.

Sibling rivalry
Working with your brother could make for some fireworks.  Tom says it a common question from everyone who meets them.  'They can't believe they are brothers because he and Mike get along so well.  He thinks its because we're actually opposite in our personalities.  Mike has his thing and I have my thing and we come together to play music.  But in our free time we go to separate places.  I'm really grateful to get to do this with my brother.'

Hometown show
This is the first show the Gossin brothers have had in their hometown since becoming Gloriana and Tom says 'its a really exciting show for us and I'm just excited to see everyone.'  Moms been telling him 'she's running into old music teachers and friends who are buying tickets and can't wait to go to the show.' He feels it will be a 'very nostalgic day.'  Tom admits he use to go to the casino when he was in high school, when he shouldn't have been there.  So its 'so cool to get to actually perform there.'

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Tickets for the show November 26th are $25, $30 and $35 dollars and can be purchased by calling 315-361-SHOW,  1-877-833-SHOW, at the Turning Stone box office or at any Ticketmaster location. Let’s welcome back our local country hit makers with a full house!

You can also win tickets to the show and passes money can't buy.  Gloriana is having a special sound check party and you're invited.  Tune in Greg 'Splashin' McShea and Tadpole next week to win.