Although I cannot find "Lazy Day" on my calendar, doing a quick Internet search finds that today, August 10, is Lazy Day--but I couldn't find anything too official. So, being that it is the first time I have ever heard of Lazy Day, how do we celebrate?

If you call-in to work today and tell the boss that today is Lazy Day and you can't come in, I'm not quite sure how your boss will react, but I am betting he or she won't be too happy about your "holiday" time off.

But, this "holiday" did get me thinking about what I do on those lazy days of summer. Being a person that needs to be always doing something, there's not much time to relax. However, when there is a few minutes to kick-up my feet and rest a little, I like to sit and watch a documentary or two. Or, sometimes, I like to reminisce and watch some old television shows, like "WKRP in Cincinnati" or the mid-90s show "Newsradio".

Now, like I said, nothing seems to be too official when it comes to "Lazy Day"--but, I did find a newspaper editorial from Mississippi that mentions it. You can click here to read it.

Being that it is Lazy Day, I am reminded of a quote that always has stuck with me since the first time I heard it--and it's very fitting for this occasion:

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted"--John Lennon

So, what will you do to celebrate Lazy Day?