We know that Flag Day was a couple of days ago, and Father's Day is tomorrow, but today is a holiday--and I use that term loosely--that you might not have known about. Today is World Juggling Day. I have always wanted to learn how to juggle, but, like my attempt at trying to learn how to play the mandolin, things just didn't work out. I don't have the hand-eye coordination needed to juggle. If you are like me, and you're unable to juggle, but like history and videos, I have compiled some fun facts about juggling and an amazing juggling video. I can at least watch the video and wish I had the skills, right?

Here are some interesting facts about juggling in honor of World Juggling Day. All facts are from Wikipedia.

  • "The earliest record of juggling, a panel from the 15th Beni Hasantomb of an unknown prince, shows female dancers and acrobats throwing balls. Juggling has been recorded in many early cultures including Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec (Mexico) and Polynesian civilizations."
  • "In 1768 Philip Astley opened the first modern circus. A few years later he employed jugglers to perform acts along with the horse and clown acts. Since then, jugglers have been associated with circuses."
  • "In the early 1950s the International Jugglers' Association began as a club for performing jugglers, but soon non-performers joined and started attending the annual conventions. The IJA continues to hold an annual convention each summer."
  • "World Juggling Day was created as an annual day of recognition for the hobby, with the intent to teach people how to juggle, to promote juggling or for jugglers to get together and celebrate. Traditionally it is held on a Saturday in mid June." (Here is the official website for World Juggling Day)

Now, if you really want to be amazed, here is a very talented juggler. He's juggling to the Beatles--he's juggling in rhythm to the music. The guy's name is Chris Bliss.

Send us a video of you juggling. Email it to me: zach@bigfrog104.com