It's no surprise that Toby Keith travels in style. He is one of the biggest country music stars in the world and with that honor comes a pretty big paycheck! While he rocked the stage at the Turning Stone Event Center, his lear jet was parked at the Griffiss airfield in Rome, NY.

Keith James

At first glance you may think of this plane as a regular jet. However if you look closer, there is no mistaking who this plane belongs to. On the back wing of this aircraft, you can see the iconic image of Toby raising his microphone.

Keith James

Not only does his plane have his picture on it, even the tail number is a way of identifying who the plane belongs to. Notice the last two letters? The colors alone are representative of his home state's Sooners.

Given the fact that it was Toby's birthday last night, it was clear he was feeling no pain. That did not stop him from putting on an incredible show, but it clearly kept him here in Central New York overnight. Safe travels TK!! Can't wait to have you back.

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