Toby Keith's daughter Krystal just released a video for her song 'Daddy Dance With Me,' which she wrote for the father-daughter dance at her own wedding.  She said she  'wanted a song that honored my dad and was something special on my wedding day, so I wrote and recorded it behind his back.'

The song was Krystal's gift to her dad to 'have a song no bride and father had ever danced to before.'  Toby was extremely surprised and 'talked all the way through the dance. I think he was kind of in shock … he said, ‘I’ve never heard a wedding song from the daughter’s perspective.’'

The response from 'Daddy Dance With Me' has so good, the song was released on an EP early.  It's on Krystal's album 'Whiskey & Lace' that hit stores yesterday.

The song is beautiful and I'm guessing it'll be big father/daughter dance for years to come.  The only thing that would have made the video better, was if the wedding pictures were of Krystal's actual wedding with Toby walking her down the aisle instead of the actors used.  Although, some things should stay private when you're in the spotlight all the time.


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