Toby Keith has a new song and video for 'Made in America.'  The song will be on his new album called 'Clancy's Tavern,' in stores October 25th.  The title track is about the bar his grandmother ran in Fort Smith, Arkansas when he was a kid.

Toby is on his 'Locked & Loaded' tour which will make a stop at SPAC with Eric Church September 8th.  A recent stop in Virginia showed Toby's true character.  He invited an injured Marine up on stage to sing his hit 'American Soldier' which he changed to 'American Warrior' with him.  Corporal Matthew Bradford lost his eye in battle and now uses a glass eye with different images.  He was at Toby's show with an Osama Bin Laden glass eye with cross hairs over him.  Check out the video.  Toby tears up near the end.  What a guy.  Both Toby and Corporal Bradford!