Yesterday was the big day for one of the Greg McShea family's best-loved Christmas traditions...hanging the Christmas wreath on the side of the house. This event is always fun, and often filled with some unforeseen incidents.

photo courtesy of McShea family

Every year, I am given the duty of hanging the McShea family Christmas wreath outside on the front of our house. Being afraid of heights adds more excitement to the event, as I climb that ladder hoping that this year I don't have to go up to the sixth step to reach the nail.

One year when my son was five years old, I fell off the ladder while hanging the wreath. He and my wife ran over to see if I was OK, and fortunately I landed in the snowy bushes in front of the house. No broken bones. I have to be more careful now, because the bushes aren't there anymore.

Another year, I was up on that ladder in a steady rain, and one time it was freezing rain. And, the years where 30 mph winds were a factor made it even more challenging.

This year, there was some light drizzle dripping down from the roof, and the only place it was dripping was on my head and face. My "Greg" hat got wet and my glasses kept fogging up, but when I put the two extension cords together (with my wife giving me a drum roll), the lights went on! Thanks to my wife and daughter for documenting this event with photos and video.

And as my daughter commented once the wreath was up and working, "The little lights aren't twinkling Dad". Yes, and thanks for pointing that out.