The only thing worse than sub zero temperatures, is a car that goes, click, click, click when you try and start it on a cold morning.  There are some things you can do ahead of time to help your chances of getting 'Ol Bessie' going and some things to do when you're trying to start your car.  Click for the details.

Plan ahead when you know it's going to be cold.  Use a thinner oil in your engine, put in a gas line anti-freeze before you fill up and by all means fill up the tank.

Condensation on the walls of a gas tank will form and will eventually sink to the bottom and cause freezing problems in your fuel lines. It's much more difficult to start a cold car with a mostly-empty tank, so do yourself a favor and gas up often in the winter before letting the car sit.

And when it comes time to brave the cold, and give it a go, offers these helpful hints.

  • Turn off all accessories; heater, radio, lights, and shut the door before trying to crank the engine
  • Don't let the car crank for more than 20 seconds before releasing the key.  Let the battery and starter rest for a couple of minutes before trying again.
  • If you absolutely, positively have to be there in the morning, consider unattaching your battery and leaving it indoors for the night.
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