You fight your way through the Candy Crush Saga chocolate, beg Face Book friends you haven't spoken to in years for more tickets and your reward? BOMBS!  Welcome to level 97 on this highly addictive game.  Click for details on overcoming the next adventure.

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The Candy Crush Bombs actually begin on level 96, but it's a pretty easy stroll through the mine field. However, level 97 is a completely different animal. Our friends at the website, without the have taught us how to get free lives without waiting and how to "roll" on harder levels to get an advantage.  But it was pretty disheartening to read this in the very first paragraph.

Level 97 is punishing. Candy Crush Saga has a reputation for punishing, but this one is above and beyond. I spent a good week’s worth of lives clearing this level. It is ridiculous.


The bombs countdown from 7 or 8 to zero.  If just one the timers hits zero it's game over.   If the bombs weren't bad enough, Candy Crush asks to accumulate lots of points in a short amount of moves.

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Hopefully you know how to make the striped candies (4 in a row) and what I call donuts (5 in a row) because you are going to need to maximum explosions to get anywhere.  At first, just keeping the bombs from expiring is a chore but you are soon out of moves.  Our website friends, offer the tip of lining up the bombs like candies for maximum points.

The only positive I've found on this level is it doesn't take long for "game over."  So at least you don't invest 10 minutes only to be dead.  In fact you can run through 5 lives in about 5 minutes.  Then find something to do at work until the lives regenerate.  The boss said I seemed more productive this week.

Get more tips on the beating level 97.

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