Jared LaDuke suffered a severe leg injury while serving in Iraq. Upon his return he endured some 20 surgeries and extensive rehab before he, his wife and 2-year old son Talon began preparing to move into temporary housing provided by an organization called "Operation Homefront". When move- in day arrived Jared and his family received a couple of unexpected surprises.

"When we walked in, the whole apartment is fully furnished with brand new stuff. I was in shock," LaDuke remembers. "Then Tim McGraw walks in a few minutes later. Like as if a furnished apartment ain't enough? It was so surreal. My wife was totally tearing up. Tim said, 'I was just in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd stop by. I was just wondering if I could use y'all's bathroom.' He walked around with us, then picked up Talon and walked him into his newroom that they'd decorated with Thomas the Tank stuff."

via CMT : News : OFFSTAGE: Tim McGraw Helps Injured Soldier and His Family Feel at Home.

According to CMT.com Tim followed up the visit with more Thomas the Tank Engine toys and a note that said, "It was a real pleasure getting to meet you Talon, Sincerely, Tim McGraw".