Tim McGraw takes on the dangers of texting while driving in his new video for 'Highway Don't Care.'  It more a mini-movie than a video with a twist ending.

Tim is seen singing in the road in some scenes, while working out, getting dressed and constantly checking his phone in other scenes.  A woman is also seen crying, looking at her phone and driving down the road.  She ends up getting into an accident, while looking for her cell and has to be flown to the hospital. The twist is...and here's the spoiler...Tim turns out to be the doctor, not the boyfriend, you assume she's crying over.  And Tim being Tim, he saves the day.  Oh and he's shirtless ladies at about the 2:14 mark!

I love how they incorporated Taylor Swift and Keith Urban into the video as well.  In some scenes they're seen in the broken glass lying on the road.