Earlier this week, Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo stars Thompson Square tweeted a photo of Keifer Thompson with a gun and a dead snake.  He killed the snake as it was preparing to attack one of their dogs.  Keifer says the twitterverse went crazy after the photo was posted.  

Keifer says they were in the midst of a songwriting session when they found the snake in a coiled position readying to strike one of their dogs.  He says, "there wasn't time to think about it or document what kind of snake it was."  Just time to save the dog.

Keifer Thompson/Snake Charmer

Apparently after posting the picture of himself and the 6 foot dead snake, people started getting nasty about him killing it and wishing he would die too.  Keifer says there were about 2500 comments in three hours and some so nasty that they pulled the picture.  You can still see the original tweet here