We have already heard from a lot of people who proclaim Thompson Square's 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not' as their song.  Now, the Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo headliners have added one that a new generation of fans can proclaim as theirs.  Click to listen to 'I Can't Outrun You' and tell us what you think.

Thompson Square are the headliners at Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo this year and will be in studio tonight with Sam Alex on 'Taste of Country Nights' stating at 7.

The song is the 4th single from their 'Just Feels Good' album that produced the #1 hit, 'If I Didn't Have You' and the top 5 hit, 'Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About.'

You’re in my heart, you’re in my mind
Everywhere ahead, everywhere behind
Every turn I take, you’re right around the bend
It’s like your ghost is chasing me
When I’m awake, when I’m asleep
There’s a part of you in every part of me
And I can’t outrun you
I can’t outrun you

Hear the entire song in the player below and tell us what you think in the poll at the bottom.  Is this your new love song?

I Can't Outrun You