Losing a pet is difficult. Not only do pets become a part of your family, there is an unexplainable emotional bond between a pet and human. And, it's because of this bond that makes a pet's death very difficult for most people. This month is dedicated to the joy and memories our pets have brought us as September is Animal Remembrance Month.

I, of course,  can only speak for myself when I say that pets are great friends and companions. My cat, Mosey, was not only a great companion, he was my best friend. Yes, some may scoff at that statement or idea, but I will wholeheartedly stand by it. He was a part of my family for 18 years, and when the day came...(those who own pets know what day I'm talking about), it was a very difficult thing to go through.

So, in honor of your pets being there for you, being a friend and a companion, this month, take time to think about all the joy they brought you and remember all the happy times.

I found this quote to sum everything up very nicely: "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language" ~Martin Buber.

How have your pets impacted your life? How will you celebrate the memory of your pets?

If you would like to upload a picture of your pet in remembrance, share the photo by clicking here. We'll feature them here on BigFrog104.com. My cat, Mosey (1992-2010), is the picture I used for this blog.