I'm proud to say that Sarah and I are back from our honeymoon nice and safe. We had an amazing time up in Lake Placid, and enjoyed all that the Adirondacks had to offer. However, we both would agree, we got home sick after a few days. You never truly know what you have till it's gone. Here's my list of 5 things I take for granted living in Utica.

1) Local Business Hours Of Operation

Before I left for my honeymoon I would constantly joke about things being closed around our area on Sunday, or not being opened late enough. Where we stayed on our honeymoon, nothing had consistent hours. Most businesses were closed by 5PM, also they opened at very bizarre hours. I'm proud to say I won't take for granted the local businesses we have in this area that are open much later than 5PM.


2) Great Italian Food

Every restaurant in this area, and even most bars, claim they have the best Italian food on the face of the planet. Most days I would laugh it off, and take the food for granted. Today I tip my hat to them all. Sarah and I dined at several Italian joints, including one in our hotel, and they truly did not provide the cooking we get in this area. The food did not have the right sauce, and it didn't seemed to be cooked the same way. We ate at two pizza places and even agreed that nothing beats the Pizza in our area!


3) The Cost Of A Date Night

Of course we were on our honeymoon, we knew we needed to spend money to have several date nights and days out. However, we both were shocked by the amount of money that was required to do this. Here in Central New York, you truly don't need to spend a lot to have an amazing day out. We had to pay for meals, activities, EVERYTHING. Around here, it's much cheaper to have these kind of days out.


4) Good Radio

Of course I want to tip my hat to our radio stations in Utica New York. Hearing country music that's not on Big Frog 104 just feels odd. It just doesn't feel right. Each of us at Big Frog 104 have such strong personalities that you just can't find in other places.


5) Location In The State

Central New York is such a perfect region to travel to, and to travel from. You are close enough to major cities, and of course close enough to the beauty of nature up north. You could travel pretty much anywheres from our region and not spend days of travel time. Yes, you can travel from any location....but....our location is perfect on the map to different destinations.



What should we add to the list?