There are items you should buy at certain times of year if you’re looking to save. And with Christmas right around the corner, the more you can save, the better. Here’s a list of things to put on your shopping list this month.

TV’s and DVD’s
There are going to be big specials on televisions, especially large screens and 3-D TV’s which have not been selling as well as expected. As we get closer to Christmas, the prices are going to get better and better.
Winter Clothing
Look for markdowns on winter clothing staples such as gloves, hats and sleepwear. These are big items that are promoted in November. You can save 25 to 40 percent.
Outdoor living items
Stores are clearing out the summer merchandise and making room for the holiday items. So when it comes to summer merchandise, they want it gone. Flower bulbs are another find. Look for discounts up to half off.

Halloween costumes, candy & decor
Look for deals on October and Halloween home decor and things for the dress up box. Even if the kids don’t know what they want to be next year, you can always use some capes and hats. You could see savings of 40 to 50 percent
Apples and squash
Good harvests for some of the root vegetables mean great prices this month. You can buy apples in bulk for $15 for 15 pounds. Squash is also in season and popular at Thanksgiving tables. They are about 15 cents a pound cheaper this month. So now is the time to buy.

Turkey and potatoes
This month, look for brand-name frozen birds from 59 to 66 cents a pound. After Thanksgiving expect to see the price of turkeys increase 20 to 25 center per pound. So if you plan turkey for Christmas, it may be smart to buy that bird now. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are another good buy. They had a good crop this year.