Are you excited for this year's FrogFest? I know we are! Even though the festivities aren't until July 23rd, it's important to make sure you are prepared. We wanted to give you a full list of "must-bring" items for the big day.

For A Succesful, Safe, and Enjoyable FrogFest Don't Forget the Following:

1. Lawn Chair/Blanket - The earlier you get to FrogFest, the closer you'll be able to get to the stage. This is also important because there are so many activities throughout the day it'll be good to take a rest every once in a while.

2. Sunscreen - Yes. Just the acts we have alone will heat things up. There isn't much shade so make sure you keep yourself protected. You don't want to wake up the day after FrogFest with a bad sunburn.

3. Money - This seems like an obvious one, but it's worth reminding y'all. You'll need extra cash to buy beer, delicious food, or other awesome items from a variety of vendors that we will have there. You won't want to miss out on all the great FrogFest swag this year either, including sunglasses and hats.

4. Party Hat - Not only will this help to also protect you from the sun, but once you see all the awesome cowboy and cowgirl hats, you'll be jealous you don't have one. It doesn't have to be a cowboy hat, just a cool one!

5. Camera - We want to see all those precious FrogFest moments and so do your friends (if they're not there already). Imagine snapping that selfie with Montgomery Gentry rocking out in the background!

6. Friends - FrogFest is a blast no matter what, but it's even better if you bring someone with you! In fact bring all your friends!!!

7. Your Grandma or Grandpa - Because FrogFest is fun for all ages!

8. Your 'A' Game - If you don't bring your 'A' game, things might get a little rough for you. This day is about having some good ole fashion fun and it is after all a country concert which means it's going to be a huge party!

9. Comfortable Shoes - Again, the activities go on all day long and with our acts this year, I doubt you'll be doing much sitting. Comfy shoes will definitely be a plus!

10. Poncho - This will hopefully not be needed, but in the rare case of rain, you can still party on with a simple poncho. Odds are even if it's wet you'll still have a blast.

No matter what or who you bring with you to FrogFest , stay safe and have a great time because after all, that's what it's all about!

Meet the Artists at FrogFest