You may be surprised to see who's at the top of Forbes List of top earning country singers.  The annual Forbes Top Ten is calculated on an artist's total income just not record sales and concerts.  So take your guess as who's on top and then click for the answer.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Ahh, if you said Taylor Swift like me you'd be wrong.  It's none other than Mr. "Red, White and Blue" Toby Keith.  Taylor came in second.  According to Forbes' Senior' Editor, Mark O'Malley Greenburg, Toby raked in $65 million last year while Taylor took home about 55 mil.

Of course in addition to his string of hits and sold out shows, Toby owns 18 'I Love This Bar and Grill Restaurants, his own record label and a line of mezcal.  Taylor, Kenny, Tim and Carrie round out the top 5.  And for some reason it pleases me to see "all around good guy" Brad Paisley on the list as well as "The King," George Strait.

  1. Toby Kieth $65 million
  2. Taylor Swift $55 million
  3. Kenny Chesney $35 million
  4. Tim McGraw $33 million
  5. Carrie Underwood $31 million
  6. Brad Paisley $30 million
  7. Zac Brown Band $26 million
  8. Rascal Flatts $25 million
  9. George Strait $18 million
  10. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan $17 million