Today is IPA Day and for those of you who don't know what an IPA is it stands for India Pale Ale. Traditionally this particular type of beer contains a lot of hops, which gives it a dry and bitter taste. The IPA has been gaining popularity rapidly over the past 10 years and I have for you the Top 3 IPAs made right here in New York State.

#1 Saranac Legacy IPA - Utica, NY

Andy Cash/TSM

The current recipe for Saranac's Legacy IPA is one that originated from a recently discovered recipe created by company founder F.X. Matt, according to the Saranac website. The ingredients used in Matt's original recipe very so innovative at the time that it inspired other recipes. This beer uses the best hops, has an amazing aroma, and has a smooth finish down the hatch. Oh yeah! Did I mentioned it's brewed right here in Utica?

#2 Ithaca Flower Power - Ithaca, NY

Andy Cash/TSM

From the packaging to the brew in the bottle, the Ithaca Brewing Company makes my second favorite IPA. According to their website, Flower Power is "simultaneously punchy and soothing with a big body finish that boasts pineapple and grapefruit." There is a floral and fruity flavor which still allows the bitterness to come through, but supports it with a flavor that gets you asking the bartender for more! They Hop and Dry-Hop this beer five different times while in the brewing process. A beer that is given this much care and attention deserves to be at the top!

#3 Southern Tier 2XIPA - Lakewood, NY

Andy Cash/TSM

The Southern Tier 2XIPA is a unique beer that contains 4 different types of hops and 3 different types of Malts. The combination of those hops and malts together make for one incredibly flavored brew. One of the advantages to this beer is the fact that it is high gravity, which means in some states they consider it liquor. What is high gravity? It basically means 6.0% ABV or Higher. The 2XIPA is 8.2%. Just a few of these will have you feeling great! According to the Southern Tier website, the best foods to pair this beer with is beef brisket, garlic fries, or anything strong or spicy. Maybe some Cavallo's chicken wings? The "2X" basically represents its higher alcohol content.