These poor Sochi Olympics keep getting worse and worse it seems. This time, the actually spending figures have been released. Let's say we could have gone to Mars 20 times with the overall cost of these games. 

According to a few different charts online, the 2008 Beijing Games were the most expensive Olympics at at $132 million per event, Sochi was much higher. So far the Sochi price tag is over $520 million per event.

Another big figure out online is how a mission to Mars using probes and rovers can run around $2.5 million, let's just say Sochi was much more expensive. Hosting the games has racked up more than $51 billion dollars in costs. Crazy right?

The Apollo 11 mission cost approximately $20 to $25 billion dollars to send Neil Armstrong to the moon. We could have sent two more manned missions to the Moon with the prize tag Sochi just dropped.

Do you think the Olympics are worth the cost?


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