I think it's safe to say that most, if not all, of us have shopped at Walmart at one time or another. The retail giant is a convenient stop to buy just about everything and anything. But how much do you really know about Walmart? Here are some amazing facts I'll bet you didn't know.

MSN Money has come up with a list that may be amazing but, in most cases, not surprising.

--The Walton family is worth $150 billion, about as much as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg combined.
--35 million people shop at Wal-Mart every day, as much as the population of Canada.
--90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Wal-Mart.
--Wal-Mart has 2.2 million employees, more than the population of Houston.
--Wal-Mart's top-selling item in 2012 was the banana.

There is a lot more you don't know about Walmart.Once when I went shopping at the North Utica Walmart I saw a local businessman there. He is worth several million dollars so I wondered why he was shopping at Walmart when it suddenly hit me. That's why he is a millionaire, he saves money at Walmart!
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