Your first thought may be, who is Zig Ziglar.  Zig was a man I never knew, but he taught me the greatest lesson I ever learned, "your attitude deteremines your altitude."  Zig's teachings always came with humorous stories, analogies and catchy phrases like "you need a checkup from the neck up" and "you suffer from a hardening of the attitudes." Click to check out some of his great stories.


I first learned of Zig Ziglar at my second radio job sometime ago. Part of the job was selling advertising for the station and you were required to listen to Zig's tapes. (I said it was sometime ago) The first thing he asked you to do, was while in line at the grocery store and the grumpy clerk gave you the forced "how you doin," reply with a postivie and cheerful "FANNNN TASTIC!! The reactions are priceless and I still do it today. I encourage you to give it a try just once. It is truely priceless. Check out Zig's story about the overwhelmed airport gate agent below.

News reports say Zig Ziglar passed away this morning after a brief illness.  He turned 86 earlier this month.  Rest in peace Zig, I wish we'd met, just so I could say thanks.