He was one of the biggest bodies in the NFL back in the 1980s, and even went to a Super Bowl in 1986. William "The Refrigerator" Perry of the champion Chicago Bears turns 49 years old today. "The Fridge" as the sportscasters used to refer to him, was a colorful defensive lineman, sometimes fullback and even offensive lineman at times, whose size was something to reckon with if you were on the opposing team.

Here's a brief bio on Perry courtesy of Wikipedia:

"William Perry (born December 16, 1962) is a former professional American football player. He is best known for his years as a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears. In reference to his large size, he was popularly known as "The Refrigerator" or, abbreviated, "The Fridge".

Perry played college football at Clemson University. In 1985, he was selected in the first round of the 1985 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears. Nicknamed "The Refrigerator" for his gargantuan, almost rhomboid, frame, Perry was 6 ft 2 in and weighed over 380 lbs at his peak weight. He quickly became a favorite of the Chicago Bears fans.

In addition, Perry was used as a fullback when his team was near the opponents' goal line or 4th and short situations, either as a ball carrier or a lead blocker for running back Walter Payton. Perry went on to play for ten years in the NFL and retired after the 1994 season."