How much was your wedding? According to a wedding planning website, The Knot, couples are spending less on weddings because of the recession.

The Knot says before the recession, weddings cost a bit above $28,000. Now, weddings run, on average, $26,984. The wedding planning website says these numbers don't include the honeymoon or engagement ring.

Also, The Knot says the amount of people that get invited to a wedding has decreased. In previous years, couples invited 149 people. Now, on average, couples invite 141 people. And, per-guest spending is about $194.

Where you get married can also affect the price. They say if you tie the knot in New York City, the average cost is just over $70,000. As for a less expensive place to get married--the average cost in Utah is a bit over $13,000.

So, how much did you spend, or are going to spend, on your wedding? Anywhere near $28,000?