I don't know about you, but the chore I hate the most is grocery shopping! From going to the store, trying to find a parking spot, getting everything you need, hauling it all in the house AND then putting it away.  But the actually shopping is the worst part.  If you're lucky enough to be in the grocery store when it's empty, it isn't so bad.  But, that's NEVER the case when I go and I run into or around EVERY shopper there is.

The Family Shopper

We have the family shopper.  The poor woman who has to do this dreaded chore with several kids in tow.  Usually, two are fighting while the other screams because they can't have the box of sugar coated cereal.


The Aisle Hogger

Then there's the aisle hogger. You know the one.  They leave their shopping cart right in the MIDDLE of the aisle so you can't get around.  They of course are no where around, because they've walked off farther down the aisle to get what they need.


The Indecisive Shopper

The indecisive shopper drives me crazy!  The one who stands at the meat counter, waiting for their number to be called. When it finally is, they don't know what they want.  Couldn't they decide while they were waiting on the six people in front of them being served.

La Citta Vita/Flickr

The Coupon Clipper

I understand everyone needs to save when and where they can.  But why do I always have to get behind the person who has a file folder full of coupons.


The Shop-Lifter

This is the one who refuses to use a cart or even a basket.  After all, they just need a few things.  But by the time they get to the check-out, they have way more groceries than they can carry.  Thanks to Cody for helping with this one.  Seems Cody is a Shop-Lifter!

Terry Fincher/Express/Getty Images

The Social Shopper

These are the shoppers who aren't at the grocery store to shop. They're there to get up to date on all the town gossip.  Which is fine, but do they have to do it in the middle of the aisle. Can't they socialize in a place they aren't blocking everyone else.

David McNew/Getty Images

The NASCAR Shopper

This is the person, no matter how busy the grocery store is, that will race up and down all the aisles, swerving around everyone in their way. Sometimes they can even been seen riding the cart.

nanny snowflake/Flickr

Want to guess which shopper I am? What chore do you hate the most?

'Cute Kid' of the Day Does Her Own Grocery Shopping

For some of us, grocery shopping is a chore. For others, like our ' Cute Kid ' of the day, it's fun. Watch this little girl not only push her own cart around the store, but pick out all the items that go in it. Seems she's a big fan of the dried fruit aisle.