Author Sean MacDonald paid a visit last year to every single NFL Stadium for a game. The purpose? He was working on his book titled, "Ultimate Football Roadtrip." While visiting Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, home of The Buffalo Bills, he made an interesting discovery. For anyone who has ever been to a game at "The Ralph" you know that if you are not rooting for the Bills, you have a real problem on your hands. Not only do Bills fans get territorial, they also have a love of drinking!

Last year I attended a game at Ralph Wilson. It was a Sunday afternoon game against the New York Jets and I definitely was not rooting for the Jets. I don't know what it was but I got into the drinking spirit pretty early in the morning, tailgating with friends. After several funnels, I was ready for the game. Maybe this was the game author Sean MacDonald was at. Maybe he saw me! If that is the case he is justified with the claim Bills fans are the drunkest.

In a recent interview with Sean MacDonald, he had this to say about his experience in Western New York:

what I remember most of all here is the wild atmosphere, one of the craziest I saw during my travels, with much of it due to excessive alcohol consumption. As you can probably guess, Bills fans are the drunkest I witnessed on my trip. That is true before, during and after the game. I even saw the Bills twice on the road and this observation was merely confirmed. Unfortunately, most of them are unable to hold their liquor and lose control, becoming a danger to others or to themselves. Reports of assaults outside the stadium are not uncommon and last year, a fan decided to try sliding down a handrail along the 300 level, from where he fell onto another fan seated below, sending both to the hospital.

That game he is referring to with the guy falling from the 300 section was indeed the game I attended.

Here Is The Video:

Maybe the reason for the excessive drinking of Buffalo fans is due to the fact that they are one of the worst teams in the league. I know if my Green Bay Packers were as bad as the Bills, I would drink heavily as well.

Other Stadium Rankings From MacDonald's Book According to

MacDonald used a long list of criteria including parking, aesthetics, cost and the fans to determine the best stadiums in the NFL. He had Lambeau Field as the best stadium in the league, and MetLife was 27th for Giants games and 29th for Jets game. The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis was last.

The book is called "Ultimate Football Road Trip" and you can get it on Amazon!