Season 13 has a Biggest Loser.  It came down to brother/sister duo Jeremy and Conda against former wrestler Kim on the season finale of 'The Biggest Loser.' 

The final three lost a bunch of weight.  Conda went from 294 pounds to 179.  Kim was next to take the scale.  She is down to 134 pounds, losing 118.  Jeremy was last to weigh in.  He started on The Biggest Loser at 389 pounds.  He ended his journey at 190, losing 199 pounds, making him this season's winner.  Jeremy won the grand prize of $250,ooo but more importantly won his health back.  Check out his before and after picture below.  See all Season 13 contestants before and after photos at NBC.

In addition to the grand prize, a former contestant had the chance to win the $100,000 at home prize.  It came down to Emily and Mike who went home early after being accused of being lazy.  Turns out Mike wasn't so lazy after all. He went from 358 pounds to 198, losing 160 pounds and winning.

Biggest Loser Jeremy                                                     At Home winner Mike

The Winning Moment