Most TV news anchors and reporters seem to get along pretty well. They banter, joke between stories and generally seem to go pretty easy on each other. There are, however, some instances where, for whatever reason, bad blood boils to the surface and when this happens while they are on the air, well, it can be pretty uncomfortable and, in some case, pretty funny. Check out these on air squabbles.

The staff at The Week put together some of the most entertaining. The first one shows WGN, Chicago, Morning News host Robin Baumgarten getting upset with co-anchor Larry Potash's flubbing of a story. Larry walks off set.

This one features WPTA, anchor Melissa Long complaining about some hot weather forecasts by weatherman Curtis Smith,

CNN meteorologist Chad Myers doe NOT like being interrupted and let's his colleague know it.

These CNBC financial wizards don't have good manners in their portfolios.

And this one is just plain funny!

There are more on-air spats including some real fisticuffs you might want to check out by clicking here.