The quintessential Halloween house, 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York is up for grabs again for the first time in 11 years and for the asking price of just under a million bucks, it could be yours!

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That's right, now you don't have to go to a haunted house for Halloween, all's you need do is scare up $950k and change and you'll be able to live there year-round. So, did the couple that lived there for over a decade get frightened away?

Not exactly, they were frightened out of their marriage as it were and since they're splitting up that's why this iconic property is back on the market. They snagged it for about $800k in 2001 and originally wanted a million and a half for it but have 'slashed' the price to what it is now. And speaking of slasher, if you're not familiar with the Amityville Franchise it's based on a true story about a newlywed couple that moved in to a house where a murder was committed and then all hell broke loose. James Brolin and Margot Kidder starred in it and the house pictured was used in the exteriors for the 1979 flick. In reality it's a four-bedroom three-bathroom house (Where do I sign?) that's fully livable and is a very quaint non-haunted property according to the broker.

"If there were a curse on it, I wouldn't be in it," joked Donna Walesiewicz, the broker selling the 3,370-square-foot residence. "It is what it is, a nice old stately home."

Oh and here's the real picture un-doctored by my iphone...

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See? Not so bad. Now granted this house's legacy is only Hollywood magic as the real house where all the nastiness happened is a decent drive away into the next state. But still, how cool to actually own the house that we all see as THE house. Besides, who wouldn't wanna trick-or-treat at the Amityville Horror house? Better stock up on that candy... And an exorcist!