The end of year always brings about the top news stories, weddings, arrests and more.  Here's a comprehensive list of the best of 2012 from what we searched on Google to celebrity deaths and news of the weird.

A video look at the top things we searched online for or as it is more commonly known "Googled" in 2012.

Makes you wonder when you find out mass shootings was the top news story of the year.  Especially when you remember that there were more than one.  The Presidential Election and Superstorm round out the top 3.

 These include the two-faced cat, the world's smallest frog and lest we forget, the white Killer Shark and the giant eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach.

 NBC's "Revolution" is the winner, CBS's "Made in Jersey" the loser (cancelled after 2 episodes) and ABC's "Nashville" gets a "hang in there" from reviewer Gayle Falkenthal.

From a Dutch artist who figured out how to make an indoor cloud to self inflating tires, a lot of cool stuff was invented this past year.  Also a lot of stuff that makes you wonder why.

 Last week's passing of Charles Durning and Jack Klugman added to a long list of celebrity deaths in the last 12 months.  Including Phyllis Diller, Horschack and the Queen of Country Music, Kitty Wells.

 You remember Randy Travis getting arrested, TWICE.  But do you remember football star, Adrian Peterson  and Micahel Jordan's son?

From Matthew McConaughey to Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon.

And from the entertainment world:

Best Selling Album of 2012 (Taylor Swift is #6)

Highest Grossing Concerts of 2012 (Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw #7)

Top Grossing Films of 2012 (The avengers top the list)