Our 'Are You Smarter Than Polly' question this morning showed the most practical, useful everyday thing kids learn in college is doing laundry. Separate colors and whites. When to wash in warm or cold water. How to get out those stains. You either learn or you'll end up with a load of pink clothes after washing a red sock with your favorite white shirt.

My daughter is still in high school, but already does her own laundry. Actually, she's been doing it awhile. I taught her after she started wearing clothes for an hour and throwing in the dirty clothes basket, thinking they needed a wash. She's learned a lot about wearing jeans more than once and getting out all those stains. Luckily she hasn't ruined anything in the washer yet.

I, on the other hand, have ruined a few things, washing a red and white beach towel that turned everything pink. I guess that's what you get when you buy cheap towels. I've also washed a load with a Kleenex or a stick of gum in the pocket. What a MESS! It wasn't as big a mess as when the hose busted on an old washer, dumping water EVERYWHERE.

What was your worst laundry mishap?