Garth Callaghan is known as the 'Napkin Note' dad. He's been leaving notes in his daughter Emma's lunch every day, since kindergarten. He's recently started writing extra to last until Emma graduates, since it's likely he won't be around to see it.  Garth has cancer and has been given 5 years to live.

We had the opportunity to talk with Garth this morning since he calls Central New York home. Although he lives in Richmond, Virginia, he called Port Leyden home until going off to college.  In fact, he still has family in the area and plans to come visit this summer.

Garth says it'll take 826 notes to last until Emma's graduation day and he has less than 100 left to go.

Garth Callaghan
Garth Callaghan

The notes Garth leaves for Emma may be famous inspirational quotes, or a personal message from his heart.

Garth Callaghan
Garth Callaghan
Garth Callaghan

Garth's story has touched thousands of lives. He's seen his Facebook page go from 1000 likes to close to 34,000 in just a few weeks and has received notes in the mail, including one from his nurse.  But it's the notes his daughter and wife, Lissa have started leaving for him that mean the most.

Emma's First Note

Garth Callaghan

Emma &  Lissa's Notes

Garth Callaghan

I use to leave notes for my daughter when she was little, but stopped somewhere along the way.  She may be almost 18, but you're never too old to be inspired, so I left her this positive post this morning on her bathroom mirror.

My First Positive Post

Polly/Big Frog 104

Although my daughter IS NOT a morning person, she sent me a text, saying it made her smile, proving a simple note can make a big difference in someone's day.

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Napkin Notes Interview

Garth and Emma appeared on the Today Show to share their story that has gone viral.

Garth & Emma on Today Show

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