18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan of Indianapolis had to quit school two years ago, when his mother died to support his family.  Last week, he found out a thrift store was hiring. He couldn't afford the bus, so he WALKED . . . in the SNOW . . . even though the store was TEN MILES from his house.

About three miles into his walk, he passed a guy named Art Bouvier, who owns Papa Roux Cajun Cooking. Art was clearing the ice from in front of his restaurant, and decided to gave Jhaqueil a ride the rest of the way.

Fox 59

Bouvier was so impressed with Jhaqueil's work ethic, he posted the story on his Facebook page, and announced HE was going to give Jhaqueil a job, at the restaurant.  The post has almost 23,000 likes and over 5,500 shares

Even better, when the city bus company found out about Jhaqueil's story, they gave him a year's worth of free bus passes.

Source: Fox 59