Team Blake is ready for the live rounds on 'The Voice.' Blake Shelton made the difficult decision of narrowing his team down to three after 5 stellar playoff performances.


Sisaundra continues to blow everyone away. We're all in a Sisaundra state of mind after her amazing performance of Billy Joel's 'New York State of Mind.' She even had her coach Blake in awe, 'you make me have to rethink coaching. It's amazing what you do with a song.' Usher wanted to know if Blake ever tried to sing runs like Sisaundra does, which Adam Levine wanted to hear. 'Where I come from, runs are a bad thing,' Blake replied. With Sisaundra, runs are what will win her the show this season. She's on a level all her own. No one can touch her.

Sisaundra Lewis 'New York State of Mind'

Audra McLaughlin

Audra McLaughlin kicked off the playoffs with a voice that seems too big for her little body, performing 'A Broken Wing.' Taking on a Martina McBride song is a tall order, but she delivered. I'd love to see her and Martina team up for a duet later on in the show. Audra is so good, Adam is seething with jealousy 'because I hate Blake so much, it's hard to say positive things to his teammates. You should know I think you're spectacular.'

Audra McLaughlin 'A Broken Wing'

Jake Worthington

Jake Worthington is just the cutest thing ever! His performance of Jake Owen's 'Anywhere With You' not only caught Blake's attention, it caught Jake's too, who tweeted his thoughts.

Jake Worthington 'Anywhere With You'

Madilyn Paige

Madilyn Paige, who Blake stole from Team Usher performed 'Clarity.' Although she has a sweet voice, the performance was a little boring.

Madilyn Paige 'Clarity'

Ryan Maloney

Ryan Whyte Maloney showed off his killer vocals with Shinedown's 'Second Chance,' but it wasn't enough to send him to the live rounds. It was enough to catch Shinedown's attention.

Ryan Whyte Maloney 'Second Chance'

Blake's Decision

Cutting two from his team, Blake had a hard time making a decision. 'This moment is the toughest decision I've ever had to make in 6 seasons of this show. My heart is pounding so hard. I hate every second of this. My heart is breaking.' Wisely, Blake kept Sisaundra, Audra and Jake to move on to the live rounds. GO TEAM BLAKE!


Blake Picks His Top 3

Team Blake is going to be hard to beat this year, especially with Sisaundra, who should already be a huge star.  The playoffs continue next Monday on NBC at 8pm.