Taylor Swift stopped by Ellen to talk awards, perfume and boys.  Ellen congratulated Taylor on her recent recognition from Billboard magazine as Woman of the Year, making her the youngest to ever receive the award.   Then Ellen tried to trip Taylor up while talking about her new perfume Wonderstruck.  She asked if Taylor's boyfriend likes it.  But Taylor wasn't fooled and isn't seeing anyone.  She says 'I don't have a boyfrind.  I don't even have, like, kind of a boyfriend.  There's nothing going on right now.'  And she's ok with that.  Taylor is happy to sit by herself and watch Law & Order.

What would Ellen's show be without a surprise or two.  She introduced Taylor to her biggest fan, Mary Kate, who was so excited she couldn't stop crying.  Then Ellen brought out Mary Kate's halloween costume; a bottle of Wonderstruck perfume she could wear.  It even came with a hat.  If that wasn't enough, Ellen even gave Mary Kate 2 tickets to the CMA's in Nashville November 9th, where Taylor is up for 5 awards.  She cried so much, she made me tear up.