Firestone Walker Brewing Company is made up of two brother in laws. Adam, AKA The Bear, and David, AKA The Lion, may battle, epically at times, but at least neither ever forgets it’s for the epic love of beer. Release your inner beast and try the latest beer from the California Brewery.

Adversus Leo v Ursus

Adversus, which is Latin for against, Leo v Ursus is the latest line of beer from Firestone Walker Brewing Company. The lion vs the bear represents the battle between owners Adam and David and the beer represents the bold creation of hoppy and intense beer with 8.2% alcohol.


Union Jack

Union Jack is the flagship beer of Firestone Walker Brewing Company and the most popular. It's a west coast IPA that showcases pineapple, citrus and piney aromas with exceptional dry hop flavors of grapefruit and tangerine. The name Union Jack is a nod to the British expatriate who co­‐founded the brewery.


Luponic Distortion

Luponic Distortion is an ever-evolving mix of experimental hops, designed to deliver mind-blowing flavors that break the rules with each new release. The unique revolution number on the label tells you which release you have in hand. Revolution 6, currently available, is driven by a mix of seven different hop varieties, led by two hops grown in the up-and-coming region of Michigan. Revolution 7 is expected to hit shelves by Labor Day.

All Firestone Walker Brewing Company beers are available in bottles and cans in central New York wherever beers are sold, like Marcy Discount Beverage and Beer Here in New Hartford. Learn more at