wedding dance

Epic Mother Son Wedding Dance [WATCH]
This ain't your average mother/son wedding dance.  Oh, it starts out that way but then it turns into a buffet of dances.  From the twist, hand jive and Gangham style to Michael Jackson and NSYNC moves.  The bride didn't even know it was happening. You go mom!
Kung Fu Fighting Daddy Daughter Dance
The things daddy's do for their daughters.  We've seen plenty of imaginative father/daughter wedding dances, but this may take the cake, so to speak.  It starts as any other dance, but quickly turns into a Kung Fu match, complete with samurai swords and all.
Groom Surprises Bride with Justin Bieber Wedding Dance [VIDEO]
Funky father daughter wedding dances are nothing new.  We've seen a few lately.  But this one tops the cake.  Brian, the groom surprises his bride with a dance to Justin Bieber's 'Baby.'  He even somehow managed to talk his groomsmen into helping him.  I wonder how many drinks they all had before th…
Dad Gets Funky in Father Daughter Wedding Dance [VIDEO]
This may be the new and improved tradition for the father daughter wedding dance.  Ashley and David of Houston Texas begin their dance like any other father daughter dance, but then it gets funky.  And dad's got some moves.  I wonder how much pleading it took Ashley to get her dad to agree to do thi…
Father Daughter Wedding Dance [VIDEO]
The father daughter dance is a wedding tradition.  But who says tradition has to be boring.  Bill and Brook Lavin started their dance like any other, but it didn't take long to turn it up a notch.  Dad has moves and is so cute with his dauther who looks a lot like Carrie Underwoo…