Little Kid Dancing Is A Wedding DJ’s Best Friend [WATCH]
Dancing is a big part of every wedding reception, however sometimes weddings guests need a little bit of motivation to get out on the floor. Sometimes it's alcohol, sometimes it's the perfect song, and sometimes it only takes one enthusiastic dancer to influence another to join in. In this…
Slow Motion Kitten [VIDEO]
Here's a video of a kitten just hanging out, doing kitten things. But, here's the catch--it's all in slow motion. It's pretty cool and cute, of course. I mean, it's a kitten, what's not cute about that?
How to Tie Your Shoes the “Strong” Way [VIDEO]
You may be thinking: "I know how to tie my shoes perfectly." I said the same thing myself until I watched this video. Now, according to the video, there is a "weak" and "strong" way to tie our shoes. After all these years of living a life thinking I have mastered how to…

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