Top Ghost Towns You Can Still Visit In New York
Are you a fan of urban decay photography? For those that don't know what that is, it's defined as photography that shows photos of abandoned buildings, malls, and homes. Here in New York, you're able to tour a lot of these settings through many ghost towns. Here's the top ones to…
2 Central New York Cities Named Top Small Cities In State
One of the biggest problems New Yorker's have is when someone assumes we all live in New York City. There are plenty of places to live upstate and all across Central New York. Recently, 101USA took a look at the top small cities in New York. 2 Central New York locations made an appearance on th…
The 5 Most Interesting Bridges in New York State
The Weather Channel recently named the most amazing bridge in each state. For New York they picked the Brooklyn Bridge. No offense intended NYC, but ho-hum. How unoriginal and uninspired a choice. There are so many fascinating bridges outside of the city...
Winter Weather Advisory Tonight (12/2)
It's the Winter Weather Advisory we fear the most, sleet and freezing rain.  It not only makes for hazardous travel, but the threat of downed power lines and power outages. Click for the details on when and where.

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