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Tim McGraw Releases New Album Details
Tim McGraw took to Social Media to announce all the details for his next studio album "Sundown Heaven Town." These latest details include track titles and a very creative Instagram video which reveals the album cover photo.
Tim McGraw Being Sued For Slapping Fan
We should have seen this coming. The woman Tim McGraw was seen swatting in concert after she grabbed him, has lawyered up. Jesslyn Taylor is suing and wants McGraw to pay up.
Tim McGraw Doesn’t Feel Good About Slapping Fan
It's the slap seen around the country music world. Tim McGraw was caught swatting a female fan at a recent Atlanta concert. He says it was an instinctive reaction and he doesn't feel good about it, but wants to move on.
Tim McGraw Serenades Little Girl on Stage [VIDEO]
Not that we need another reason to love Tim McGraw, but this special moment in Atlanta will melt your heart. He was singing 'You Are So Beautiful' for his wife and kids, when he brought a little girl with Down Syndrome on stage. After serenading her, he even signed his guitar and gave it t…

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