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Taylor Swift Will Mentor Hopefuls on ‘The Voice’
Seems there's nothing Taylor Swift can't do. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, she's moved to the big screen, appearing in 'The Giver,' now she can add mentor to her resume. Swift will join 'The Voice' to offer all teams advice during the knockout rounds.
You Won’t Believe What Taylor Swift Wore to the VMA’s
What the heck is Taylor Swift wearing at the VMA awards? It looks more like an adult onesie than something you'd wear on the red carpet. Although it was the VMA's and not theCMA's. You wouldn't catch anyone in Nashville wearing something like that.
Taylor Swift Gets In Touch With Her Nerdy Side [WATCH]
On the latest episode of "Ew!" with Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Swift made and appearance as her alter-ego Natalie Benson. Natalie discussed such things as her love of apricots and her band-aid collection. We also find out that breaking up and getting back together are "EW!&q…

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