Polly Gets A Tattoo [VIDEO]
For anyone who has a tattoo, they know it's an addiction. Once you get one, you want more. I filled my tat itch thanks to Alex at Insanity Tattoo Studio in Rome.
Andy’s First Tattoo Has Deeper Meaning [VIDEO AND PHOTOS]
When someone decides to get a tattoo, there is usually some special meaning behind it. Whether it honors the loss of a loved one or the birth of a child, this mark that stays with you for life should have some significance to it. It makes it that much more beautiful when there is a deep story behind…
What Will You Regreat When You’re Over-The-Hill?
Imagine this: You are in your 20s and you decide to get that awesome tattoo you have always wanted. Think you'll regret it when you're 40? According to CoEd magazine, you'll not only regret the ink, you'll regret a whole list of other things when you get older.