Who Pays The Bill On A Date?
You're on a date. The bill comes. Who pays? Guys, do you jump to grab the check? Or, do you prefer to split the bill 50/50? Well, according to a survey from Cosmo and Askmen, 33 percent of women expect the man to foot the bill for most of the dates they go on. How 'bout that 50/50 split of…
Drive Safely With Your Dog
If you have a dog, or have had a dog, you know many of them love to go for a ride. Whether it be sticking their head out the window or just looking out the window, some dogs just love the car. But, how safe are you when you drive with your dog? Well, according to new AAA and Kurgo Pet Products surve…
Americans Are Still Feeling Inspired
Here's some good news--according to a new survey, Americans are still pretty inspired, "despite the current economic climate and an often gloomy forecast for the immediate future." That, from the recent survey done by Don Francisco's Coffee.
Do You Eat Breakfast Every Morning?
Are you a breakfast person? I personally love breakfast. Lately, I have been on an oatmeal kick--every breakfast meal is oatmeal. It's just so good. Well, many say breakfast is the best meal of the day we can eat, right? Then, why do only 34 percent of adults eat breakfast?
The Dirtiest Cities In America
If you have to guess, which city in the U.S. would you choose as the dirtiest? Travel and Leisure Magazine asked its readers to rate just how dirty some of America's cities are, and the magazine has complied the answers for its "Top 10 Dirtiest U.S. Cities" list.
Women And Their Handbags
How many handbags do you think the average woman owns? 10? Close. The average number of handbags a woman owns is seven. And, each of those seven handbags, on average, costs $120. This all according to a recent Kellogg's survey.
How Much Money Makes A Person Feel Rich?
Do you think that $1 million makes a person feel rich? Well, the answer to the question is, 'no.' $1 millions dollars does not make a person feel rich--according to Fidelity Investments, you need $7.5 million to feel that way.