Get Your Lawnmower Ready For The Season [VIDEO]
Like a song once said, "It's been a long time coming", spring weather has been an elusive item here in central New York. But when the buds are on the trees, and the grass starts to turn green, it'll be time to start mowing. If you've been storing your power mower in …
More Daylight Each And Every Day
Thanks to the groundhog, we in central New York are in the midst of our "six more weeks of winter." But there's light at the end of the tunnel. Have you noticed that it's staying lighter, longer in the day?
Spring Cleaning Made Easy
Now the we're well into spring, I'm sure you're well into your spring cleaning. The weather hasn't cooperated much with our outdoor cleaning chores, so here are some tips on making your indoor spring cleaning easier.
It’s May Day
Happy May 1st, also known as May Day. About the only thing I can recall about May Day is people dancing around the May Pole. Why do they do that?
The Mowing Olympics Have Begun
With the warmest March on record to kick off spring, have you noticed how green (and how long) the grass is in your backyard in April? I mowed my lawn last week for the first time of the season, and I would have to say that's the earliest I've ever mowed it. Usually, I don't mow the l…
Spring Blooms in Utica-Rome [PHOTOS]
Flowers and blooms are like singers, they seem to appear overnight, but we all know they have been in the works for some time. Yesterday's 85+ temperatures seems to have a lot of the blooms blooming. To me this always signifies spring has truly arrived. Check out some photos from around …

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