How Much Are Spending On Halloween This Year?

Halloween--one of my favorite holidays. No presents to buy and it's fun had by all. A time to dress up for a day and become someone else. But, with the Halloween season comes the bill for costumes and decorations--well, unless you make homemade costumes and decoration, but even so, you still have to…
How Much Are You Spending On St. Patrick’s Day?
Unlike other non-federal U.S. holidays, like Valentine's Day and Halloween, St. Patrick's Day isn't quite the money maker--but, the amount of money being spent on the St. Patrick's Day celebration is predicted to increase this year.
How Your Wallet Can Control Your Spending
Leave it to technology to come up with a way to try to prevent us from spending too much (I wonder how much the technology cost, but that's a subject for another day).  Now, there are wallets that are designed to do just that!