santa for seniors

Santa For Seniors Gift Deadline is Today
I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of our listeners.  Whether it's bringing in items to send to troops overseas, donating money to Special Olympics for 'Over the Edge' or buying presents for Santa For seniors, you always come through.
Santa For Seniors – Tad Pole’s Favorite Cause
There's always a lot of great causes this time of the year, but I think I like Santa For Seniors best.  Obviously I might be a bit prejudice towards a cause supported by Big Frog, but this one always reminds me of my grandparents.  They both passed away in nursing homes and I remember…
Santa For Seniors
It's that time of year again.  We team up with the Oneida County Office For Aging to make sure everyone has a little something for the holidays.  And we still have a number of seniors looking for a Santa this year.  Many asking for sweatsuits, gloves and toiletries.  58…